Tuesday, September 30, 2008

not feeling so hot

I had a pretty severe headache all last night, my mouth hurt pretty good too... which resulted in no sleep, funny because Madi only woke up once for a change! They removed the growth yesterday, then cotarized the wound (so it would stop bleeding). It hurt pretty bad and b;ed quite a bit. But I am feeling a little better now, thanks to the drugs. I just wish that they wouldn't have burned it because now all of the skin up there feels tight and like a burn it is sensitive. I am pretty headachy, probably from it all. They are sending the growth that they removed to the pathologist to see if it is cancerous or benign. Dr. Biel feels optimistic about it being benign, but he said that they always test ALL growths JIC, because of the history of cancer. It feels good to rest up a little today. I m feeling optimistic about it.

I will be meeting with the prosthedontist for a new mouth peice in two weeks, YAY!

Madi and Sophia make me smile! Alyshia and I confirmed that Sophie thinks that Madi is her new doll. Last night Sophie was trying to get into Madi's car seat with her. I giggle and Lyshia says "No Sophie!!". I feel bad because I always laugh, but it is just so cute!

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