Friday, October 24, 2008


Crazy, seriously. You never know what is going to happen! April is having TWINS. Yes, her second set of twins, I am not lying. I know shocking, huh?! 6 kids later... YAY, can't wait!


Marie's Juxtopositition said...



thats great!!!!

i think...?

yeah. awesome. :D congrats to her.



Rebecca said...

I know, right?!

I am still bewildered, very taken back... I guess I expected that they would be done having babies like five years ago. I mean, that was the plan anyway. SO long for plans though, right? Nothing ever goes as planned!

So, I am choosing to be thrilled about it. I Can't wait! I have a smile planted on my face today...

sean ervin said...

I need a drink.

LovelyLee said...

Crazy huh? Family of eight... that's scary!

LMBO to Sean's comment :)

Rebecca said...

it is actually a family of 6, for now that is ;)
I think, that everyone is in shock!

Leticia said...

OMG....that is insane....but you know, "everything happens for a reason"...What a blessing!