Friday, October 10, 2008

Why Blog?

To see how God is working in your life!
I originally posted this blog on myspace.

Tuesday July 15th 2008
I had just gotten out of the hospital and it was 2 weeks post surgery. It is amazing to see how far I have come. I was so severly sick when I was hospitalized that at one point the doctors had to escort visitors out of my room because it was causing to much stress for me. They told my Mom that they are lucky they didn't lose me, My poor Mom has been thgough so much this year, with the loss of Grandpa, and then all of this!
Tuesday July 18th 2008
"First and foremost THANK YOU EVERYONE for all of your prayers! Typing is tough to do I have one bad case of Vertigo and the keyboard doesn't help. So, I am going to try and make this quick...
after oral suregry, as many of you know, I didin't do too well. I ended up in the ICU at United Hospital. My heart rate, blood pressure, chemical balance and everything was out of whack. My body was severely dehydrated and acidotic, and all I could do was vomit. I am dealing with some adrenal insufficiencies, which they discovered while I was in the hospital (you can look it up if you need to know more, google is amazing). Then after a few days I stabalized (I could finally leave the bed to go to the bathroom is what mean by this! horrible! I know) and I was admitted into the cardiac ICU where they worked on bring my resting heart rate from 170 down to 80...I was so sick I felt like I was going to die. It is weird coming back into the real world, a little overwhelming...
I was released on Sunday I think it was July 13th... after being there for a week (I had great doctors and nurses taking care of me, I can't wait to feel better so I can go back and thank them all) I am feeling better but I am still pretty sick and bed riddin. The hardest thing has been not being able to take care of my baby : ( it brings tears to my eyes when I think of it.
as for my mouth, what there is left of it anyway, I was amazed when it was revealed to me. You can see the inside of my nose when you look inside my mouth, so everything that I eat and drink go up and out of every hole that there is in there, It does feel a lot better now that I don't have the mouth piece wired to my jaw, that was so painful! It is still really hard to eat and drink though. I can't wait for it to heal up a little bit. I am still adjusting to these changes, it is tough.
please be praying, if you would I would really appreciate it:

for the Vertigo to go away (I am so sick and dizzy, it feels like I am severely intoxicated) I know that the inner ear is swollen and causing these symptoms

for the pain from the surgery, I will be getting a new prosthetic mouth piece (hopefully tomorrow) The current one hurts and is really uncomfortable

that the healing process would be fast

for energy!

for the production of the adrenal glands to produce the chemicals that my body needs to heal.

that Madi wouldn't be affected negatively by everything that is going on.

and for the overall health, well-being and finances for my family and me...Times are hard but I have faith that God is going to work in my life and everything will be okay!!

I will try to keep everyone updated...Miss you all
Love, Becca

PS as far as I know all the cancer was removed, hopefully for good! I will be following up with mayo every 3 months for the next few years to watch for new growths, and to be sure that no more cancer appears."

And now Here I am today Oct 2008 and I feel sooo much better! God does answer prayer!

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Rebekah said...

Thank you for commenting on my Blog. I replied to your comment in the post of your comment.

I've just finished reading your entire Blog! You've got the best attitude, Rebecca! You will go far!

I don't know what you're dealing with regarding your husband, but I am reading a very good book called Mending the Soul by Steven R. Tracy. It has been very enlightening.

In my case, I ran for my life...