Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lemmondrops - Sweet and Sour stories of life, love, and little ones

Maybe I am a little post-aholic right now but I didn't want to pass this up.

I came across a devastating story... very encouraging though. I am continuously reminded of how truly blessed I am day in and day out. Read Emilie's blog, as she battled Cancer and kept a positive attitude through it all, even knowing that she would be leaving her babies and husband behind. She passed Christmas Eve, You can leave her husband and family some encouraging words, as well as be praying for them. They live in Saint Paul.

Thank you for taking the time

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Amanda Stombaugh said...

I just heard about this! I read alot of her blog, and it was so sad. But yet, inspiring at the same time. I can't imagine being in that situation, knowing that the outcome is bleak. She was so very eloquent, though.