Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last day in 2008

December 31st, 2008... Can you believe it?? The older you get the faster time flies by!

So, Happy New Year's Eve everyone, hope that it is fabulous for you all. I am working a half day today, Oh how I wish I could be sleeping in this morning. After the 1 hour and 40 minute commute home yesterday I am in need of a break, good thing I have tomorrow off. Snow snow snow... oh and cold, is what the Minnesota winter consists of. It is 8 below zero right now, burrr.

I have been pondering about resolutions and such and have decided that my resolution is going to be giving more and more of my life to God, I will do what he wants of me in 2009... In previous years, this one included, I haven't lived that way at all. So, 'Here I am God! Use me as you will'.

Here is the updated picture of my mouth that I have been promising everyone, sorry about the blurriness it is hard when you are your own photographer, all of the other ones gave you a scary nostril shot and I didn't want you to be more grossed out than you already had to be :)!

Red: how big the hole was right after surgery
Blue: Where the hole is now, much much smaller, this one is the actual fistula that is open into the nasal canal
green: some small surface holes that are closing up, they aren't open into the nasal canal

It has been hurting a lot lately, it is just still tender I think... It keeps changing shape in there so I really never know what to expect. It is a little lumpy in places, I don't think that the photo captured that too well. My mouth piece doesn't fit again... But when I go to the ENT again I am sure that he will have good news telling me that this is all normal and expected.

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lynn said...

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful daughter!

May 2009 bring you much love and happiness!


PS. I cannot think of a good title for my blog yet. It may take me a while. Will let you know. :)