Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcoming 2009

What a fabulous week! God is good... as simple as my life may seem, it is amazing to me, and I am completely content, when I am holding my little girl in my arms. Dan is seeming to be more amicable as of this last week, which has been great. So, other than this cold that I have, 2009 has been great so far! Madi and I had a fabulous 4-day weekend with out-of-town guests. Lots and lots of fun... here are some pics; meeting a couple newbies that have just entered the world Isabella and Kaedyn (sp?); going to the Science Museum; The Fabulous Mall Of America; ringing in the new year with family and a HUGE Christmas dinner; lots of games; and kids galore; and last but not least the Vikings playoff game today at the Legends Club in the Metrodome (thanks JB):


DoodlesBowtique said...

Hi sweetie!! I wanted to let you know you won my blog giveaway! Be sure to email me so that I can ship you your jeweled french clip.

Rebekah said...

May it be your HAPPIEST year ever!

Great photos!