Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 things about Moi...

The infamous facebook note --I had to post it on my blog because of course it is all about... Moi!

1. One thing that I am working on at the momment is my aggressive driving, I am trying to be kinder to people on the road, which is funny because I am typically a compliant person.

2. My favorite colors are Red and Pink, I am such a girl, I know!

3. I have a huge crush on Kevin James, I would probably marry him if he proposed.

4. Titanic is still one of my favorite movies.

5. I am Compassionate. Chances are that if you are reading this, I love you.

6. I hate being called 'Religious'. Truth is that I am not religious,I have a relationship with God, and that doesn't mean I am 'religious'!

7. I have a new found love for purses and bags.

8. I live in an apartment, alone, for the first time in my 23+ years of life.

9. When I was a little girl I used to bite my fingernails. My grandma offered to buy me a gold ring if I quit. So, I did. She bought me a ring, and I haven't bitten them ever since.

10. I do not drink soda, I think it tastes gross. Actually the only things that I do drink are water and on rare occassion a beer or glass of wine. Caffine makes me sick to my stomach!

11. There are 18 stoplights on my way to work every morning. Welcome to urbanization!

12. I have slight Scoliosis with a 25% curvature in my spine.

13. When I was younger I was in gymnastics for a couple years, I can still do the splits, and that is probably about it.

14. Shopping is my drug of choice, it is the only drug that I have ever used...LOL...seriously. And it is also another thing that I am working on!

15. I have lived in three states: Nevada, California, and Minnesota.

16. I am OCD and anal about everything pretty much, and according to Pete my pastor I am 'High Maintenance' Thanks Pete for being honest ;).

17. I am not a huge animal fan, I hope to never have an animal living in my home ever again.

18. I have been told by more than one person that I am too forgiving, but I don't think that there is such a thing as being too forgiving.

19. I am always tired regardless if I have gotten enough sleep or not.

20. I love to clean, it makes me very happy.

21. If I could help it, I would never be alone, I always like to be in someones company.

22. If I could I would make it so that every single day of the year was 80 degrees and sunny, I promise I wouldn't even dream of snow!

23. My dream job is to be a stay at home mom with a small online shop of some sort.

24. My ears have been pierced since I was an infant.

25. Believe it or not the only music I listen to is Christian, unless I am in someone Else's car or home or what have you...

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