Thursday, January 29, 2009

Share the warmth!

I am tired of the snow covered roads, being stuck indoors and sub zero temps outside...

I know that to some people (those that live in Florida and California) are so excited and thrilled at the thought of snow, but that is because they are There, not here. They are where it is warm and cozy and sunny, with the ocean nearby! But here in Minnesota, when it is 25 degrees above zero, we decide that it is nice enough out to go for a walk outside... seriously!

I am so ready for a vacation! Taking my weekly vitamin D, to fulfill the lack of sun that I am receiving, doesn't count as a vacation people. No, I am talking about laying out on the beach in a swimsuit, playing with Madi in the sand and sweating from the sun beating down on my skin. Now, that is what I am talking about.

But that obviously isn't happening anytime soon, so I am going to try to be as content as I can here in this life.

Just imagine being homeless in Minnesota and having to endure this cold and these conditions. Two people have just recently died due to the cold! So please, Share The Warmth by clicking on this link to see how you can make a difference.

And if anyone wants to donate money to my vacation fund feel free ;)

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LovelyLee said...

OMG Rebecca, seriously I do not wish that I had to deal with that at all. I was just thinking the other day that this winter here in Sacto, CA we have been so spoiled! It hardly even rained this year! You should be here!