Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little birthday gift to myself

I decided that one night wouldn't hurt. So i slept with Madi in my bed last night. I so desperately miss my little innocent, dependant baby who used to cuddle with me. She is so independent now, and although I let her be independent, there are times when she still likes to be close and cuddle next to me though they are few and far between. Among those times are when she is sleeping. So last night was fabulous to snuggle up to her all night, although my sleep probably wasn't as quality as usual, leaving me very tired today, it was great, and started off a wonderful birthday!

I am going out with a bunch of my girlfriends from church, who are all so dear to me. I love them so much! They truly bless me so much more than they know. Emarie and Loni were so sweet to set up a little 'Party' for me. We are going to Kincaids in downtown Saint Paul from 4-6pm for apps and drinks, then heading to my place from 6-9pm, I can't wait! I cannot think of another way that I would want to spend my birthday than in the company of great friends and Family, I wish all my friends and Family could come!

Thanks for all of the wonderful wishes everyone.
Much Love


LovelyLee said...

Awe my lil Becca's Bday, on the same day every year. I am going to write you a birthday haiku... right now on the fly:

Today is the day
Her birthday comes once again
Great fun found in friends

Rebekah said...

I don't blame you! :0) A good night sleep is almost impossible when I share a bed with Caleb (he sleeps too actively), but I don't miss the opportunity to cuddle with him until he is asleep at night and while he wiggles awake in the morning. He is a sweet, tender cuddler.

Greg said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the comment on my blog, yours is nice too