Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Blog for 3 Days.

Was the title of an email that I received today from My Grandma Brady. I love you Grandma!! You are probably my biggest fan, and even if you were my only fan I would still blog for you ;) (I miss you so much, by the way, I can't wait to see you!)

So, I realized a couple things from Grandma's email 1) I really do blog a lot, don't I!? and 2) I have been a really busy girl...

Although I am going on 6 months of being single now, I think that I am much more busy now than I was when I was in a relationship. Nonetheless, I LOVE it!! I feel like such a sponge right now; I am soaking everything up, and growing, figuratively speaking anyway! It is Grrrreat!

There are some bumps along the way of course. Talking to Shirley last night she put it into perspective though. When you are cleaning out the closet, it gets messy before it can really get clean, as you are organizing it all. I am in the messy stage, that is for sure! But I feel optimistic, and I love to clean; During the messy stage is when I am motivated. So here I am staring my mess in the face, and I am determined to clean it all up, with Gods help of course!!

Crown Financial has been amazing so far, I have had so many revelations and we are only going into our 4th week. Last night the topic was seeking Wise Counsel. I am meeting with Jill, a wonderful woman from church, whom I lived with as a teenager. We are meeting on Saturday before our 'Dine with Nine', a dinner of 9 people from the church, it is an annual thing that our church coordinates, a ton of fun... Anyway, we are going to create a budget and a spending plan for me, I am so excited but also desperately afraid all at the same time. BUT I am trusting God, I know that he is going to break through and this will just be another area of growth, among the many that have and still need to take place! Isn't brokenness just a part of our humanness though?? I am constantly reminded that I need to be humble, for it is God's glory that shines in my life, not my own! This will all be testimony to his love in the end.

Grandma, I was really planning on posting tonight... So, here is another blog post for everyone to read. I am so happy to see where I have come in the last 6 months, I am genuinely happy now, and for the first time ever, I am whole-heartedly serving my Creator, and I feel so free to be able to do so.

as I end this post I want to leave this little 'Fortune Cookie' for you to chew on. I challenge you to really take it in and think about it. Are you speaking positive things? Are you doing positive things? Are you hanging out with people who lift you up? If not think about what you can do to make some healthy and positive Changes!

If you say something enough it becomes truth, and if you do something enough it becomes natural, and the people you spend time with help form your character.


Amanda Stombaugh said...

Wow - that is certainly something to chew on. I know (as I admitted to you last night) that I am usually a glass half empty kind of gal. It is hard for me to be optimistic, though I try. Focusing on the positive could really change your life, I'm sure. I should try harder!! :)

Kristi Lynn said...

I took a class once from a psychologist who explained that it takes 6 weeks to form a habit. We think many negative thoughts and it is habit to believe them because we think them so often making them a habit. To take your negative talk and turn it in to positive talk you have to form a new habit. This requires training your brain. What he did and suggested was to right positive affirmations on sticky notes, pop ups on your computer, reminders on your phone, notes all over places you look everyday. You need to see the positive talk to change your thinking and get rid of the bad habit at least 10-12 times a day for 6 weeks. This would help to be a glass half full kind of person! :) Also, as you suggested I began a blog... is so much i have to say...hopefully i keep up with the writing.