Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Caring Bridge For Sean

Sean, my Brother in Law, is in the hospital. Please keep him in your prayers!

MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2009

Approximately 3 weeks ago, the end of February 2009, Sean began feeling tingling in his feet, it felt as though his feet were falling asleep. The following day his feet were completely numb. It proceeded to his legs, and now everything below his hips are completely numb. He is still able to use them, it just takes extra effort. He is extremely uncomfortable. He still has control of his bodily functions. He has lost movement in his toes on both feet, and now his left knee is buckling making it difficult to walk. His symptoms are progressively getting worse as time goes on.

He is now admitted to the Nuerology unit on the 7th floor at United hospital and they are running numerous tests trying to find a diagnosis. They are currently seeking a second opinion and they are pretty sure that it is Multiple Sclerosis,.

They have done multiple tests including 3 MRI's and a spinal tap. They have confirmed that there is inflamation around his T10 vertebrae, a spot was detected on his contrast MRI on 3/14.

As he is in the hospital they are also going to be addressing his hypertension and high blood pressure. They think that that as well, is of some serious concern. They informed Sean and April that they may need to put a stint in his heart during his stay, but this is not yet concluded, we will let you know as updates regarding this issue come about.

Visitors are welcome. His room number is 7924.

His direct phone number is 651-241-7834. Please don't call for updates, as they have been bombarded by phone calls, repeating the details over and over. That is what this site is for, we will keep you updated here with any new news!

Just a quick tid bit : Sean and April just celebrated their 11 year anniversary, at the hospital. They have 4 children and two more on the way.

Thanks, and if you have any questions reply to his Caring Bridge site.

UPDATE 3/20/09: He can no longer stand or walk due to the buckling of his knees. The physical therapist is wroking with him. They found 3 more lesions on his brain in addition to the one on his spine.

UPDATE 3/23/09: Sean is now experiencing partial loss of sight in his right eye, due to the inflamation.

UPDATE 3/26: They are now performing Plasmapherisis, to try and treat his symptoms.

Thanks, and if you have any questions reply to his Caring Bridge site.

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Anonymous said...

Sean:I wish you Godspeed for a quick recovery and hope everything works out ok,I was shocked to hear that you was Ill,I had no idea.I would love to see you and your family again,you can call me anytime around the clock if you would like,,,,,uncle mike in Sacto