Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sean and April

I feel a little sick to my stomach to be honest, and maybe a little overwhelmed for my sister and her family. BUT I know that God is going to work this all out, and I know that they will see better days.

Sean was officially diagnosed with MS after numerous days of exeriencing symptoms. His legs were completely numb, he was able to walk, but things have worsened and now he can no longer walk or stand for that matter. He has even began losing sight in his right eye, but through it all he still laughs and smiles, and asks the doctors questions with kindness in his tone. Even though he was experiencing these symptoms quite some time ago, he was turned away from the hospital three times before they finally admitted him. It is somewhat frustrating because we know now that if he had started his treatments sooner they could have prevented it from becoming so severe. But now he is just thankful, I love his heart, it is golden.

I have been updating his caring bridge site. I started one up for them becuase April was feeling a bit overwhelmed with 4 kids and being pregnant with twins, as well as having gestational diabetes - being insulin dependant would be enough to wipe me out. But somehow I think that I am sorta right when I say that April is half wonder woman and half human, some of the things that girl has survived through... it is amazing she is still alive. I love her so much!

So here is the update on Sean and for all of those that want to get regular updates link to his caring bridge site via the photo of him and his 4 kids, on my sidebar.

I just got home from visiting Sean in the hospital. He seems to be doing well, especially because I brought him cosettas, cookies, and Twilight! He is a bit nervous for tomorrow though. They will be inserting a tube into his neck by cutting a hole, so he is definetly dreading it, as I am sure anyone would. They are inserting the tube because it is much more effective to perform plasmapherisis (plasma-fer-ee-sis) via a large tube in his neck vs. a small tube in his vein.

While I was at the hospital they were performing the plasmapherisis on him through a vein in his arm. What he is having done is also known as TPE (Therapuetic Plasma Exchange) This is where they remove the blood from his body, filter out the plasma through the blood via a large machine, dispose of the plasma, and replace it with new plasma. So we got to see his plasma, and even thinking about it right now makes me a little sick to my stomach, needless to say when the nurse first started the procedure I felt a bit faint, and sick to my stomach...

I was there for a little over an hour and it was still being conducted as I left. The nurse said that when they do it through the vein it takes quite a bit longer, a few hours.

But so far so good, the procedure is going just fine and Seans nerves calmed as time passed. Just be praying for tomorrow, they will insert the tube then perform the procedure again tomorrow, then every other day to follow.

I asked Sean about his symptoms and he said that nothing has improved. His eye sight hasn't worsened though so that is positive.

He has a great attitude, which is fabulous for him and the whole family. I know April is a little overwhelmed with the kids, she wants to be there as much as possible for Sean but sometimes it is difficult to find a sitter. So if anyone is free or would like to help out in any way, this might be something that is quite helpful for April. But their love for eachother amazes me, I don't doubt that they will be happy and in love until the day they die. They have been through so much together, and they just celebrated 11 years.

Thanks to Tracy and Graham for watching Ember and Cole. And thanks to all of the visitors, Sean has told me about each and every one of you who have come to visit, it is very encouraging to him and it really does mean a lot!

If you have any concerns feel free to contact me via email.



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