Friday, March 6, 2009

Life is Beautiful

I am 1 in 6,706,993,152
I am a doting Mother
I am compassionate
and Creative

I love the smell of rain
I love feeling the heat that radiates from the sun
I love when the wind blows
through my hair

I admire a 3 year olds opinion
I admire watching my daughter sleep
I admire the beauty this world holds

I see people hurting people
I see Gods glory thoughout my life
I see a world filled with possibility

I find beauty in the small things
I find that my life is just begining
I find an amazing love from my friends

This life amazes me
This life has so much to offer
This life is Beautiful

we all have a story. What is yours?
link to THIS fabulous site and read about a few experiences of those individuals that we walk by every day

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