Friday, May 22, 2009

The {Amazing} Shack

I know that some people out there aren't huge fans of reading, and for the majority of my life I would have fallen into that category as well... UNTIL just recently, for some odd reason, I have been craving literature. About a month ago I was then encouraged by my Mom to read the book 'The Shack'. Little did I know that I would be swept off of my feet...

It is an amazing, thought provoking, inspirational, life changing, fabulously surprising and enjoyable read... for lack of better words "It knocked my Socks off!". Verbs and adjectives cannot express my joy, or my feelings about this book. If I were to choose ONE book (other than the bible) that has been life changing for me, it would be 'The Shack'. I don't know I could just be a little zealous because I just got finished listening to it, but I was touched by this book like I have never been touched by a book before!
All of my preconceived notions about God and life were transformed, into something beautiful. All of my thoughts were revealed to me, and so many transformations in my heart occurred. Little did I know that reading this book would set a new precedent for the way that I view and live life.
As I finished it this morning, all of my feelings culminated into a contentment and understanding that I never imagined that I could ever have. Part of me felt exhilarated as I ended the audio book (I listened to it on audio, while driving to and from work, over the past week) and another part of me was sad, disappointed that it was over. Not that the book was in any way a disappointment, but the fact that the revelations had to come to an end, I was bummed. My daily trips in the car that I SO looked forward to are over... BUT I am left with so many thoughts, and a small smile on my face, realizing how much more amazing my God is than I ever knew. The little smirk that is now left on my face is there because I know that I will never be able to fully explain how I feel, and I know how minuscule my thoughts are compared to Gods greatness. I am utterly thankful for the opportunities that God has given me in this small life of mine.

I was challenged, and I was healed during the listening of the words written in this book. It is so simple, yet so profound. My mind is left cultivating all of the fabulous revelations that I received from this book. My mind - still trying to grasp all that the words held... Part of me ever wonders if I ever will be able to grasp all of the Revelations that this book holds.

This will not be the last time that I read or listen to this book, it will be a book that I will cherish for years to come; A book that will be passed down for generations; A book that I will surely read to my children and my grandchildren over the years. I bought two hard copies of the book on Amazon two days ago, because even though I had not finished the book yet, I had already realized that it was such a priceless treasure to me, and to the world; who has yet to read it! So I encourage you to pick it up, and if you can't afford it, please let me know, I am passing around a copy of mine, because it is that monumental of a literary work of art, in my eyes!

As I now encounter thoughts of facing my 'Shack', I am relieved in knowing that God is there every step of the way, encouraging me, and deep down I have no fear. I know that I will stumble, and I know that I will fall, but now - after listening to this book - I truly know, like never before, that God will be right by my side to pick me up, and to help me heal my wounds.

I know that this book is fiction, and I know that it is not written as fact and truth, but the words and examples throughout the book ring true to Gods nature, and that is what I love about it!
HERE is the link to the only marketing that has been done for this book, it has spread like wildfire by word of mouth. William P. Young has followed Gods plan for his broken life, and I applaud him for all of his dedication and hard work as the non-author that he really is.

Thanks for reading my short literary review. Not that I am a pro by any means, or that I know what I am doing or saying, but I was so impressed and changed by this book that I wanted to be able to share it with the world, and the only way that I know how is to blog about it.

So there it is, my feelings about 'The Shack'

"If Anything Matters... Everything Matters" ~William P. Young

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Beth said...

We read it in our Sunday School class.. I thought it was fresh and so accepting! I am glad you like say the least! It is probably the one thing that helped turn the leaf for me! I would love to listen to it...