Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Two Little Munchkins are here

We welcomed Abby and Avery yesterday at 4:15pm!!

April had been experiencing painful contractions all day yesterday so she called her doctor in the afternoon and the doctor told her to head to the hospital. Aprils response was, "I am not in labor, I am not ready and the babies aren't big enough!" her doctor chuckled and told her that whether she was ready or not she needed to go in... April was only 35 weeks and 2 days gestation so the babies were born prematurely.

So after a full day of April experiencing Painful contractions... as 2:30pm arrived she finally came to the realization that she was indeed going into (if not already in...) labor. Sean came home from a Doc appointment to pick her up, they were admitted into the hospital at 3:58pm, and had the babies about 15 minutes later at 4:15pm.

Avery was in the birth canal when they first arrived to the hospital, at first they thought that it was his arm but it was actually his small little bum that was coming out... They rushed her to the OR and put her under anesthesia, she was completely knocked out!

Avery Stephen

Abby Jo
Avery Stephen, who was the 'Ready to Come' one, came first weighing in at 4lbs 15oz, then following her brother the 'Already Sassy and Stubborn' Abby Jo arrived weighing in at 5lbs 2oz. They are both as cute as can be. They were a bit swollen at first but after a few hours the swelling went down and they were able to calm and get some rest.

Avery did great breathing on his own, but Abby needed some assistance in the beginning. Both of their glucose levels were low, and they had a few other minor issues due to being premature. But overall they are doing great and are healthy! They are in the NICU and will be there for a few days until they eating and temperature stabilize, along with a few other minor issues are addressed.

Proud Grandma (Mom) and Auntie (Me)

Proud Daddy - Sean

April is pretty exhausted, and definitely sore which is to be expected, considering she had an emergency Cesarean. Sean is at the hospital with her, he stayed the night there to be by her side. He was so concerned about her all day yesterday, he is such a sweet husband! He has therapy and doctors appointments today, he will be getting another MS injection today...

I am not going to lie, yesterday was a bit stressful for me! Due to the babies premature arrival we (Mom and I) were unable to hold or touch the babies, and we were also turned away to see them -April, Abby and Avery- at times, which we all felt was a little ridiculous in some instances.

Not only that it is pretty tough not having more family here. It was so hard finding someone to take the older kids while I had to work today. So I was up til midnight finding someone to watch them... Thanks so much Charrissa, I owe you one. I know that as Aprils sister and a new Auntie it is my responsibility, but I just was feeling a tad bit overwhelmed last night, trying to get everything situated.

So I apologize if I seemed rude to anyone, I wasn't upset at anyone in particular just frustrated with the situations at hand. I love you all and am so thankful for all of the help and support that you all have been giving to our family!

Today we have all new issues that are going to need to be addressed... Nothing is ready for the babies, so I am sure that I will be busy for the next few days helping them out! Please be praying, their housing situation is still on the rocks as are other aspects of their lives.

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