Tuesday, July 7, 2009

People Die Everyday

And it is just a part of life, hopefully when you die you will have left a legacy... not necessarily monetarily speaking, but a legacy of a life lived to the fullest, of a life that was lived giving to others.

So... Michael Jackson died, and his memorial service was today. I am indifferent about the situation, but I am not related to him; Yes, I think he was very talented, and yes, it is sad that he died and he will be missed by many, especially his poor children who lost a Dad. BUT seriously... is all of the hype, obsession, and idolization necessary!? He was only human like all of us, holy cow, it is being so overly publicized, it is ridiculous! I couldn't imagine being the family, and feeling overwhelmed at how publicized his death is!

It is great how when Mother Theresa died it was a humble thing, she was not idolized, but her death was mourned, in an appropriate manner. Something that I just totally think was a "God thing" was that she died a couple of days after Princess Di... it was such a beautiful thing because she wasn't put up on a pedestal, she didn't die in the limelight, which I am sure is what she would have wanted. She lived a selfless life, one that was full of love and sacrifice, and like Michael Jackson, and like you and I, Mother Theresa was only human. She lived a life filled with Love, the Love that God has for his people, and it was such a beautiful thing.

I hope to live a life like Mother Theresa, one that will leave a legacy to many people, I only fear that my own selfishness will get in the way of my legacy left.

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