Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Touchy, BUT Relevant, Topic

Here is a comment to a blog post that I posted quite a few months ago:
-I don't think the media is supporting abortion. I think they are simply acknowledging a woman's right to control her own body. I love babies also, but I love my right to control my uterus even more.

Here is my response:
-I think that one of the problems with abortion is the lack of responsibility. Sex Ed is taught at a very young age so most everyone knows what the possibilities are if they have sex. When you make the decision to have sex you are responsible to face the consequences that come along with it. One of which is when you choose to have sex you have the possibility of becoming pregnant. If you become pregnant, in my opinion, it is then your responsiblility to follow through with those consequences, and I beleive that NO MATTER WHAT a baby is always a good consequence - it may compromise your life or be an inconvenience, but a baby is never a bad thing; regardless of who, what , where and when it happens.

I am not saying that with abortion there should be condemnation or shame on the woman at all! We are human and we all make mistakes, and everyone has their own individual situations. I am not here to judge anyone, I know we all have our own situations. I personally live in Grace, God's Grace. But what I am saying is that I beleive that a life is way more precious than a womans right over her uterous. I do believe that we should have the right over our bodies but I feel as though a life is something that is so much more precious than the choice to terminate a life that is growing inside of you. I understand as well that there are other instances such as rape, incest, and medical issues... and I know that when that is the case I couldn't even imagine how hard of a decision that would be to make. I don't blame any woman who chooses to have an abortion regardless of the situation, I have made so many questionable decisions in my lifetime, who am I to judge? I am sure that when that choice is made it is probably a really tough one.

To state it again, I have been in hard places and have made some bad decisions, so in no way am I judging anyone who gets an abortion. It is just sad to me for both the woman and her unborn baby, because both are drastically affected by the choice to have an abortion in a negative way. I don't believe that abortion is ever the right decision, because like I said before Life is the most precious gift that we can receive. It is not fair for us to take that away from an innocent baby. That is why I whole heartedly beleive that while you are 'sexually active' it is important to be aware of the consequences. Life is more precious than 'Control of our Uterous'.

Have you ever had a baby growing inside of you? Like I said, it changes your life forever…


Anonymous said...

Sex education is not required curriculum. If you received sex ed. during your youth, you were one of the lucky few. I agree with you that babies are a blessing, but women's rights are precious too. Once you rescind one right the consequences could be dire. A woman has the right to choose what happens to her own body, and abortion happens regardless of whether or not it's legal-research suggests that it happens as just as much. I think, for that reason, women should be able to seek safe abortions. I agree with you that counseling and alternatives should be offered. I am absolutely an advocate of adoption. Overall, I think that abortion should remain legal because if women don't have the right to choose what happens with their own bodies it weakens women's rights overall.

Anonymous said...

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