Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been so stressed and internalizing it all. I haven't been coping well and I think that it is taking a toll on my overall health. I am tired, and emotionally drained, and I feel as though I am sick way more often than I should be. The sickness led me to start investigating... check, check, check - I fit all of the symptoms... Yep, I am stressed!

I have decided that in order to find a better healthy balance I need to make some changes. After thinking about it all I have decided that I want to set some goals. Awareness will be my number one goal because often I am not even aware of what the issues are.

1. Be Aware -
Take a moment each day to see how I am feeling. Spend a little time to daily reflect. Relax.
2. Start caring for myself more -
Make it a habit to do little things throughout the day for myself; indulge in some way whether it be alone time with God, a bath, or going for that much needed run.
3. Start becoming more healthy -
Physically: I am starting to run again, and it feels great, I am signing up for a 5k and will be setting a goal time! I am attempting to eat more consciously, all too often I eat for pleasure and I overindulge.
Spiritually: I really need and want to start turning to God more, and praying... I really feel that this will make all the difference.
Emotionally: I need to slow down and reflect, prioritize, and take care of Me!

I have a feeling that some much needed changes are about to come, and I am excited.

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