Friday, October 30, 2009

Pump that Body!

Whew - I am sore - BUT I feel grrreat! I started working out again. Last night Jenny and I (she is THE official Gym partner!) went to the YMCA in West Saint Paul. It was great, I didn't do too well but I am now addicted. I have decided that I am going to join and now have an actual gym membership again! It has been about a year since I have had a membership, and it is time to join again.

Bodypump was the class that we took last night. Mixing anaerobic and aerobic activity into one, weights and aerobics together - it was challenging and great! It wore me out, but today I have this amazing high from working out last night. I feel so giddy, like a little girl again.

I am excited because unlike anytime, there is a daycare - so I have no excuse not to go now...
Yayy I cannot wait to take another class!

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Kristi Lynn said...

Go Becca! Go! I am soooo proud! way to start your plan right away. I find if I make a workout plan for the week even if I have to change it as the week progresses and things come up I am so much more likely to stick to things when they are on paper! way to go Becca. You are awesome!