Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keep it simple

I struggle here because life is simply just not that simple. Complication, conflict, disappointment, change... these are just a few things that we all encounter on a regular basis. My personality haults with an upheaval of stress and anxiety naturally. Small things would used to catapult me into a cycle of self destruction and depression. After becoming a Mom two and a half years ago, I began learning the truth and reality of the term "Keep it simple." I always knew the phrase -- but didn't actually know it. It is more complex than I actaully knew...

Expectations are the biggest of things to let us down, so why don't we just let them go? No expectations = no disappointment. Makes sense right? seriously speaking though, it is guaranteed that if we have expectations we will eventually be let down, or even build resentment for some expectation that was not fulfilled. Same concept as getting your hopes up. How would you feel if someone placed expectations on you? It doesn't feel good... don't do it to others! (Ha, this one is easier said than done for me, and requires constant reflection)

Let go of the things that are out of your control. Why stress over or try to change something that you can't do anything about? This just complicates life even more! I need to often remind myself that I can't change someones: opinion, attitude, behavior, choice, or action(s). I can only control myself, and if I am trying to control someone else it usually falls into some sort of manipulation or abuse. Take responsibility only for yourself and no one else.

Let it go. Let go of your anger, resentment and hatred. It does us no good. Forgiveness gives us freedom to move forward. AND if need be address an issue instead of dwelling on it.

Don't sweat the small stuff. So what if Madi accidentally spilled her milk - it is almost inevitable and I know it, yet I sometimes choose to get upset about little things like this at times. Really, it isn't worth it. When I have negative feelings I often find myself trying to find a reason for why... more often than not it is over something so minuscule so I have to consciously choose to let it go.

These are all reminders for myself. I get so worked up, stressed out, and anxious all because I am keeping it complicated! Being aware of these things really help my stress level, and keep peace in my life. I just wanted to share, because I know at times will all suffer from the complications of life.


Kristi Lynn said...

Wow! I am so glad you wrote this. Last week I had a client who is a doctor talk with me regarding attachment and intention and how those are the two most important factors to peace within ourselves. How we need to have the best intentions and not become attached to any one thing. Then a couple days later I found this..."I am slowly learning that I just have to follow my heart, be unattached, and present to the now moment. If things happen, whether they are steps ahead, or steps back, either way I accept that they are perfectly positioned, custom made for me, from life.
By following my heart, I fight for the things I love. I stick to my gut, I make choices because they are in alignment with my commitment to them. By being unattached, I know that everything is in here. Nothing is out there. Being unattached means not creating a space for expectation, which ultimately means not creating a space for disappointment or failure. Now this doesn’t mean you cant wish for some...thing, or manifest something. It just means, be ready for it to show up for you, how it shows up. Which might not be the way in which you think it will (i.e.. attachment). By being present, I become a great listener, because I have nowhere to be but here, now. Being present is a tough one for me, as I tend to think about a 100 things when someone is talking to me. I am quick to want to interrupt, and agree or point out something. I am the girl, that goes to the museum, a show, reads a book or watches a movie, and needs to pause every 6 seconds to make a note, or share. I am learning how to just be in the moment. To just be present with whatever I am with."

Then you wrote this which is along the same exact lines. This is something I am struggling with often and having it show up in my life so many times in one week is a definite sign to work on my complete happiness, free from negativity.

Thank you for sharing! I always need this reminder. :)

Rebecca said...

I love your explanation of all that you are learning! Isn't life so complex? It is almost as if we need to step back and read our lives, critically analyzing all that we do on a regular basis - when I do this I always learn something I didn't know about myself. It is when i hit these points that I truly feel like I am growing healthier... When I see my faults and I come to terms that change needs to occur. The whole notion of keeping it simple is a place where I am currently convicted to make change!!
Glad you enjoyed my notes :)

Rama Mohan said...

I am very glad to visit your blog. Are you an author? The articles on learning by living in your blog are very interesting

Astra! said...

I was browsing through websites and iam pleased i came aross your one.

I've got a lot of complications within my life and am aware of every detail, some before they happen. I try to deal with certain things in my own way. I adopt a don't care attitude ( i really do care about everything )some people say i'm too layed back, but i'm not, i do this so i can cope. The things i have to deal with mostly are health problems, be it myself othe family members which i have written about in my blog Astras Thoughts and Feeelings. Anything else i try to take in my stride, but saying that sometimes are harder than others.