Friday, November 7, 2008


It is great to know that I only have to perform for God. I don't have to perform for anyone else. Isn't that cool? It really takes all of the stress off of my shoulders knowing that God is technically the only person sitting in 'My Audience'. No one elses' opinions matter as long as God is pleased. Not to say that we should neglect others and their feelings but we are not responsible for trying to perform up to anyone elses' standards, only Gods. So I am trying to learn about who God has made me to be!

I know that I am significant, Safe and Secure, and that I belong. Sometimes I don't believe those truths but I am learning to be nicer to myself and treat myself better. It is so hard to form healthy habits by overcoming all of my bad habits that I have accumulated over the years! But I look forward to becoming the woman that God has made me to be, and watching my daughter develop and hopefully do the same, making better decisions than I did, along the way!

Speaking of babies, Aprils twins are due June 26th and 28th, can't wait to find out what they are... 13 more weeks and she will be 20 weeks along. She is hoping for 2 girls, which would be perfect considering Madi's wardrobe.

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Rebekah said...

Think of how you perceive Madi with the deepest love and affection! You cherish her more than you could have dreamed!

God perceives you with SOOO MUCH MORE love and affection! He cherishes you more than you could EVER dream!

Be all the beautiful YOU that YOU are! He made you to be just that!