Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am Blessed

It is soo small, but oh so cute! Tamrah, I stole these pics off of your blog! (If you click on the image it becaomes larger)

I feel so blessed... Madi is amazing. Sure she is a hand-full at times (most of the time). As tamrah put it so kindly she is 'Sweetly Sassy'. I would have to say that she is a touch more than sweetly sassy, but that was a cute way of putting it! These pics are a few teasers from the photo shoot that we had on Friday 1/16/09, aren't they cute?!

Madi, as you can tell, is growing up! I am trying to document all of the changes as they are happening, but it is so hard and all of the cute little things are getting away from me! Like the fact that she is attempting to say so many things already like: Mamama, Dadada, baba, num num, Baba, and so many more cute babbles trying to get her point across. She is not shy, that is for sure, and she will let you know if she doesn't like something, in a very sassy way! She is full of energy. All she wants to do is stand, on her own, if you hold onto her she tends to scream, letting you know that she is a big girl and can do it on her own. She is doing this cute new thing with her tongue, biting on it and wiggling it around in her mouth, sometimes it looks like she uses it as though she is focusing really hard. She waves at you if you wave at her and say goodbye, I love it!! She is too cute!

She was screaming today, because she was desperately in need of a nap, and my Mom laughed and said, 'You used to throw tantrums like that when you were a teenager!' that got me to thinking... 'God, she is all yours!' I am going to start praying for wisdom and strength to know how to Sheppard her through her growing years, I hope that she makes some much better decisions than I did as a teenager!

Speaking of Madi, I just heard her little voice saying, 'Mommy, I am awake, come and get me out of the crib now'.

Sp ta-ta everyone and much Love from Both Madi and Me :)


Rebekah said...

Tell people to click on the image (it's larger then). :0)

Rebecca said...

Thanks, you are so sweet!

sean ervin said...

i miss her alot. remember if you want to take a overnight trip or night trip i would be grateful to watch your beautiful baby. love you guys