Monday, January 19, 2009

Following Madi around 'In Toe'

Yes, the Pun is intended!

Madi, as energetic as she always is, a Go, go, go kinda girl! I had her in her walker last night, because all that she wants to do is run around, litterally. I cannot keep up with her.

I look up and she is cruising straight toward me, in the walker, shortly after I put her in. I had two options at that point 1)Let her run right into me, which hurts the feet pretty bad or 2)Attempt to jump over her, saving my feet the hurt of the collision, becasue there was no where else to go -the couch was in the way. Of course I chose numero dos... little did I know, the attempt would have failed!

Broken Toe? I think so!

well it is black and blue, actually more of a purple-ish color. Quite swollen (it feels like I am pregnant again, with a swollen toe), and hurts like I have never experienced my toe to hurt before. Any movement of the toe is extremely painful! There was a definite lack of sleep last night due to the pain. I have fractured a toe before, but that pain does not compare to this! At first I thought I just jammed it pretty badly or maybe it was a sprain. As the night grew old, my toe told me otherwise... so yes, I beleive that it is broken. I am contemplating a Doctors visit, although I feel as though it may be unneccesary because there is nothing that they can do for this sort of catastrophe, LOL. It is pretty funny, especially the way it happened. Atleast I didn't take Madi down with me!

Althouhg a broken toe sounds quite awful, everytime I think about it it makes me chuckle, and it reminds me of my cute little cruiser, running all around the house, preparing those little muscles for walking.

I think that I am going to go buy some indoor, tough, slippers for around the house, to keep my precious little filanges protected, from my fiesty, energetic little one.

So, I am wearing the Mock Uggs (probably for the remainder of the winter), and saying goodbye to my cute stilletto boots, for now! As I wobble around due to the pain, again, like I am pregnant!



Rebekah said...

Awww... :(

Rebecca said...

It is feeling better today, not as painful! I even wonder if it isn't broken now... Although it looks worse, the bruising and all. Looking at it today, I am pretty sure that I am going to lose the toenail :(

sean ervin said...

i broke my big toe at summerfest and i cant bend it all the way and it still hurts, so im feeling your pain