Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration sounds like Urination

LOL, What?! ... it does, doesn't it!?
(oops... I don't know what happened, I meant to post this last night, oh well, better late than never)

Inauguration: wikipedia-ed

"The swearing-in of the President of the United States occurs upon the commencement of a new term of a President of the United States..."

Yep, that is what is happening today! Hopefully I won't hear anymore ranting and raving about Bush, I am sure that in no time I will hear ranting and raving about Obama instead, it seems inevitable... No matter what happens people seem to be unhappy. But we need to remember that no matter who happens or what happens we still serve a sovereign God! Although many of you thought that with Bush as president the world as we knew it would come to an end, well it didn't, and here we are swearing in the first African-American president. No matter what happens life goes on and it will all work out in the end...

But I just wanted to lift our new President up to God, because I know, that he is going to need Gods help, being the new leader of the United States, after all he is only as human as we all are, we all make mistakes, no one is perfect!

So Lord, bless him! Give Barack Wisdom and Discernment. I pray that he wouldn't be too proud, that he would lean on you, and look to you for answers. We need a man after your own heart to lead us Lord; So I pray just that over his life, that he would turn in your direction, and look to you for answers. I pray for your grace over our country, and a showering of your love. I pray for protection over our new president, that you would keep him safe. Thank you Lord for your sovereignty and thank you for our new President of The United States.

Welcome to the new presidency of 2009, Welcome Barack Obama!

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