Thursday, January 15, 2009


I think that Minnesota should be labeled: Inhabitable.
-20 degrees air temp and -42 wind chill, is just simply insane! People can live in this?? Well not Without long underwear! People still have to work and go to school in this?! Not to mention, the roads are insanely dangerous right now, covered in ice, it was a scary drive in this morning! One thing I can say though is that I am proud to have endured this cold, I feel somewhat accomplished to have endured these conditions :)

I am feeling much better today, still a little dizzy and lightheaded but the nausea is gone, yay! Thanks for the prayers.

Yesterday was a little rough. Dan is pretty upset about the outcome of the court ruling. He told me that it turned out to be worse than his worst case scenario. When he dropped Madi off last night, he told me 'You are the most evil person that I have ever known!'. I was a little shocked. As I opened the door I could tell he was very angry, and his tone with me was quite rude and mean. I asked him what was wrong and that was his reply... that I am evil. I didn't respond right away, because I was a little taken back.
I hope that things will get better once our court stuff is all over with...

Madi is doing wonderful! She is 40 weeks old today (a little more than 9 months). Growing like a weed, she is 29 inches long already, nearly 10 inches longer than her birth length (19.5 inches)! She is 20lbs and 12Oz. She is a very energetic healthy girl. Great weight proportion for her length! The doctor told me that she can tell that Madi is intelligent because of her awareness of her surroundings. Dr. Borow said that she may skip crawling, she is doing a great job pre-walking :) I am so proud of her! CT-Ryan Studios will be taking her 9 month pics tomorrow, I cannot wait! I will be sure to post some once I get them back.

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