Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a little nervous

... okay maybe not a little, maybe a lot.
Another growth has grown, and I though that it was a festering bone spur. It is so similar to the first tumor, and is painful just like the original one was, I think just because of the pressure that it is putting on the skin of the pallet. It is slightly larger, or at least protrudes more than the original one. I began wondering last week when I noticed that it started to feel like it was growing, and it became painful.

Hopefully it is benign. I keep having all of these thoughts running through my mind... what if they cut out more of my jaw? what if it is cancer? will I need radiation? why, when!?
argh, what in the world!?

I know that God has a plan though...
He is going to be by my side through it all :)

I have an appt with the ENT on Monday afternoon -we will see how it goes.


LovelyLee said...

I want to send you something invaluable. Email me your address please.

I love you.

Emarie said...

Praying for you, dear friend. I hope that God will give you peace through all of this!