Thursday, March 26, 2009

blog in 10

1-more month and madi will be a year old!

2-is the number of serious car accidents that I have been in (as a driver), neither were my fault, wrong place wrong time, one of them the stoplight came down on top of my car

3-classes left before I have my BA in Social Science, unfortunately they all have to be done consecutively I cannot do them all in one semester... s 3 more semester left for me :(

4-might be the number of kids I would want in a perfect world... my perfect world would be: the ability to be a SAHM

5-is the average number of glasses of water I drink a day... it should be more, but atleast I don't drink soda or anything else for that matter

6-is the number of children my sister will have in June, it is 4 right now, but she has two more on the way, crazy.... I know!

7-days a week I think of how amazing God is and how blessed I am!

8-is the number of hours of sleep I WISH that I got every night, unfortunately it is usually around 5-6 leaving me sleep deprived

9- months is when Madi started to walk, can you tell I am a proud Mommy!?

10-years and 11 months is how long I have been a resident of Minnesota, I couldn't imagine California feeling like home now, although it would be dreamy to live in a warmer state near an ocean.


Rebekah said...

You're so cute!

Rebecca said...

thanks! I feel cute when you tell me :)