Friday, April 17, 2009

a little more about ME

1 I am a genuinely loving person, and become good friends with people easily

2 I love eating sushi in good company

3 My goal in life is to live fully for Christ

4 I am eclectic when it comes to pretty much everything

5 I am a proud Mommy

6 Church is probably my favortie place to be, of those places that I go to on a regular basis

7 I want to eventually own my own business

8 cleaning and organizing are forte's of mine

9 I am a people person, I love meeting new people daily!

10 I live knowing that the only thing I can take with me when I die are my relationships

11 I am addicted to Facebook

12 reeses easter eggs might be my new favorite candy

13 Chipmunks are now my favorite animal, I have decided they are much cuter than squirrels

14 I love sleep, especially in my comfy bed!

15 I compromised when naming my daughter, Madilynn was not my first choice, but now I couldn't imagine her with any other name

16 I consider myself as having the most best freinds I have ever known anyone to have (see #1)

17 I am a little anal about some things, my close friends and family can attest to that

18 I love watching movies but only with someone else, not by myself

19 I like to read books, but only the ones that are self help or are nonfictional

20 I love being intellectual, and also being mentally stimulated by intriguing thought

21 sometimes I just want to have fun, and not think about anything else other than the moment

22 Liver might be the only food that I detest

23 I love meeting all kinds of people with different personalities and different stories

24 singing at the top of my lungs, with windows open while driving feels exhilarating to me

25 I exude happiness pretty much all of the time, with a smile on my face

26 I wish I were more spontaneous, because it always feels good when I am

27 I always say whatever is on my mind, I am a very open person

28 my dream job is to be a stay at home mom

29 If I had a million dollars I would love to give it all away by buying needed things for people

30 I love giving gifts (see #29)

31 I really love motorcycles; it gives me a real feeling of freedom when I ride

32 if I could go back to change one thing I would have become a professional dancer

33 the sharpie ultra fine point pens are my favorite pens EVER

34 maybe I would become a photographer too (see #32) or an interior decorator...

35 I am pretty impulsive, but I think that it is a good thing :) (see #27)

36 and if you didn't notice already I am an ENFP bordering on ENFJ(according to myers-briggs) (see #28, 32, 34)

37 I am 3 classes short of having a BA in Social Science, argh

38 I inhereted my people pleasing nature from my Mom, and I am fighting it everyday

39 I don't consider myself 'Religious' but I do consider myself a follower and Lover of Jesus

40I love being Home

41 the smell of Black Raspberry Vanilla wallflowers are amazing

42 I am referred to as "smiley" from the president of the company I work for (see #25)

43 I loved Science while I was in school, although I found it interesting it was also challenging

44 even though no one may ever read this, I still enjoy doing it because it always feels good to think about who I am as a person, and to be reminded of who God has made me to be

45 My favorite colors are pink and red

46 I love big sunglasses, cute shoes, and bags of different kinds

47 I think Post it notes are brilliant, whoever invented them was genius

48 I am anxious, I am fidgety and something on me has to be moving all of the time, right now it is the notorious leg shake

49 Lillies are my favorite flowers, they are gorgeous and smell fantastic, so if you are a guy, there it is ;)

50 my reflexes are sensitive, if you hit me in the leg in just the right spot it will unvoluntarily kick

51 James 1:2-4 is my life verse

I was going to do 100, but decided not to... 51 things about me will do :)
no one would read all 100!

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