Friday, April 24, 2009

A small Addiction

I must admit I am maybe a little addicted to speed! I am definetly a girly-girl but sometimes I wonder if there is a little bit of guy in me, with my love of fast cars, and gorgeous motorcycles :) I feel so free when I am driving and cruising down the highway with the music blaring in my ears, and the wind blowing through my hair...

So someone (I am saying no names ;) decided to grant me a mini vacation... they handed over their keys in return for mine of course, and I got to cruise around town in the beautiful Nissan 370Z sport, amazing little car I must say!

The car swept me off my feet, no pun intended. It was definetly love and first flight. I am in love with my boss' car! Yes it cheered me up, and I felt like a million dollars, it was a great little vacaion, that was much needed!!

So thanks JB, for a fabulous night with your cute car!

PS love the Monterey Blue, it is a one of a kind car, no one else in MN has the same exact car, which is pretty cool!

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Rebekah said...

I love speed too!

I worked for a chiropractor in Los Angeles that gave me his Beamer to drive! Oh, the FLIGHT of 0-90 in a few second! I aim to own a BMW one day! What a SWEET ride!