Wednesday, April 22, 2009

being transparent can be humbling

because who wants to tell someone that they are bleeding from their rear end or that they have a mucus cyst in their mouth, and that when it pops releases icky mucus and a lot of blood... well okay, maybe I don't really have that big of an issue telling people, it is more about how they are going to receive it, or react that is the hard part!

So it is a mucus cyst and we might have to remove it, I am going to feel it out for a few months, if it is something that is untolerable (which I think is going to be the case) they will remove it. It will be painful but after it is healed it will be much better and my mouth will feel much more comfortable! So we will see...

I need to start taking my Miralax again... then my bleeding issues should be fixed. Consequences are what teach me... Hopefully the fissures will heal sooner than later :)

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