Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My baby is growing up

Although I have a few baby books going, I can't help but feel like I am going to miss documenting some precious and priceless moments with my ever growing beautiful daughter.

Madi is doing fabulous! she is as cute as ever and loving her life.

A few fun facts about Madi at 14 Months old...
-she is: Climbing CLIMBING Climbing, all over Everyyything!
-Saying "whats-that" while pointing at anything and everything is a hobby of hers.
-Getting into everything possible, and snickering at me if my reply is "No."
-She hates laying still for me to change her diaper!
-She has so many curls, her hair is hard to tame... often it is scruffy in the back from her laying on it, so I will call her Scruffers!
-I think that she thinks she is a celebrity because I take so many pictures of her!
-Leanna, her cousin who she goes to daycare with, is her arch enemy. They beat eachother up and fight often. It is a love-hate relationship, I think that she is really Madi's best friend - she is a girl already, drama and all.
-Her knees are all scuffed up and bruised, from falling... she just gets right back up though without tears in her eyes now, she has learned to tough it out, and just keep going...
-She loves her bouncy horse and her princess mobile.
-Anything that makes noise is her favorite!
-If I say "Kisses" she puckers and puts her lips to mine, talk about melting my heart...
-She loves to climb stairs, but DOES NOT know how to come down them properly, I about have a heart attack everytime she goes for the stairs to go down... fearing she is going to crash pretty hard someday.
-She laughs a lot - by throwing her head back - and it is contagious.
-She throws some pretty good fits. She typically throws her body backward and falls to the floor hurting herself in the process. I find myself wondering what age 2 will be like.
-Her big thing is handing me something and yelling "Thank-you" at the top of her lungs, as if she is trying to let me know that I NEED to take it from her. Probably because I say thank you and reach my hand out to her to hand me something that she is not supposed to be touching!
-She is a screamer and she always has been, it is becoming more like a very loud, shrill, screech... I laugh, because little does she know it doesn't phase me much!
-I call her my Little Spunky, My Boogie, Babes, My Love, Mads, Babe-sters, and Madders!
-She will actually wear flip flops, the thong in between her toes doesn't bother her, amazingly, because everything else seems to bother her.
-She loves to share her food, even if it is soggy from already putting it in her mouth.
-She is extremely clingy to her Melody bear lately.
-She is off of the bottle for good, and she has no issues with it, she loves her sippy cup, and loves drinking out of a big girl cup.
-She would rather be naked than have me put clothes on her.
-She freaks out now when I pour water over her head in the bath, she used to be fine with it, I don't know where or when the switch occured.
-Mac and Cheese is by far her favorite food, I can tell because none of it ends up on the floor and when she eats it she says nummmm, numm, num, the whole time! - as well as all other noodles... -She likes to try and put my shoes on her feet.
-I am finally able to somewhat successfully brush her teeth.
-She loves Music, and is a natural dancer, I must say I am very proud of her dancing skills!
-Snacks are something that she must have all the time, but they end up all over the floor at home or in the car by the end of the day.
-She is quite opinionated... like she has been since the day she was born.
-She is taking her pacifier less and less, which is great.
-She is becoming a little more attatched to me and less receptive to being with strangers.
-Madi is very uninterested in TV, which is good I guess, although it is a bummer for me sometimes when I want her to be occupied so I can get stuff done:)
-I cannot get her to stay still, she is way too interested in running all over the place.
-She grows cuter and more adorable everyday, I cannot believe that I gave birth to such a beautiful child!
-She is a fun filled, entertainment for me, all I have to do is watch her and I will be amused!
-Yesterday she attempted to put my bra on, it was hilarious!
-Everything that looks like it can be put on goes over her head: My sunglasses, my purse, a shirt, socks... you name it she tries to put it on over her head.
-She says "Uh-Oh" a lot, which is fitting because she either drops or breaks everything...
-She is so smart, she loves taking my phone putting it up to her ear and babbling, I must be on my phone a lot...
-She loves to look at Pictures.
-I didn't baby-proof the house, and it is going pretty well so far, I just have to work with her a little bit.
-I am pretty sure that she loves both Dan and I ALOT, we are by far her favorite - which brings a smile to my face.
-She definetly undertsands the concept of Bye-Bye, and likes it :)
-The biggest thing that I have noticed is that she is a big girl now, it seems like there is no baby left in her...
Two days ago I was laying on the couch watching TV while she played with her toys, she picked up her bear, came up to me, and put her hand in my direction wiggling her fingers and grunting - signaling that she wanted me to pick her up - so I did, she actually layed still with me and we fell asleep snuggling on the couch together... It is the priceless moments like that when I feel so blessed and in love with my baby girl!

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traceyclark said...

she is adorable. so nice to know you (virtually that is). : )