Friday, June 12, 2009

through sickness and health

I have blogged through it all... but this Viral Respiratory Infection has got the best of me, so I haven't blogged or done much of anything else other than sleep over these past few days!

I got back from Vegas on Weds PM, and went to FPU, it was great.

So much has happened over the past week: Naomi and I took a trip to Vegas for her 21st Birthday, April and Sean have officially moved into a homeless transitional shelter called Mary's Palce (click to read more about the facility), I got really sick with a respiratory infection, I move to my new place in T-11 days!, Albert got his senior pics done by CT Ryan studios - some teasers are posted here, click to enlarge.

I would go into more detail about averything but I am dizzy, sick to my stomach, my head is pounding, and I cannot stop coughing, not to mention achy all over... so I will blog when I am feeling better.

Thanks for all of the prayer and support everyone, and for all of the help and assistance with April and Sean. Please continue to pray for their family!

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