Friday, July 17, 2009


I hate to be a Debbie Downer and keep dwelling on the negative, I just honestly want to feel better though...
I have seen so many doctors in the past year - so many that I don't even have enough fingers to count them all, so I gave up. I have been told that I have Addison's Disease, Hypotension, chronic fatigue, extraordinarily low BP, orthostatic hypotension, the simple case of being a 'New Mommy', and so many other little things... Every doctor seems to have their own opinion, and none of them seem overly concerned. When my BP is 80/46 - Last time I went to the doc - they responded, 'Oh, it is good to have low blood pressure.' Really? even if it is constant, even when I was prego it was low, and the funny thing is that I can never get enough salt and that is supposed to raise your bp!
Seriously, I can see how it can be a culmination of things (it doesn't help, with all of the changes that have gone on this past year...) but I am sure that there is a core issue that is not being treated here. Daily dizziness, fatigue, and faintness are no fun, and have to be the result of something that is going on deeper, right?! Can someone just please start taking it seriously, because it is getting irritating!
So, I have taken the liberty of trying to advocate for myself, by seeking a diagnosis- not the best idea, I know, considering I have no medical education - So, I have been looking up my symptoms. All of the issues I deal with really seem symptomatic of Hypotension of some sort...
Anyway, I am going to go and see a pulmonary sleep specialist to see if maybe I have some sleeping problems, because I am so exhausted all of the time, even if I get plenty of sleep, hopefully the sleep study will reveal something!

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Amanda Stombaugh said...

After reading your link on Hypotension, that does sound right! Maybe you do need to be treated for that. I'm sorry that you've gotten the run-around from all those docs. That must be really frustrating. But I'm proud of you for taking the matter into your own hands!

Here for you always,