Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is worth more... Cash or Silver?

I had the opportunity to meet with Terry and Darryl, Bev's Daughter and Son in Law. They introduced me to an amazing concept... Working together as a community to attain silver, before the price skyrockets - is the jist of it. I know it may sound rediculous, but after seeing the presentation it made complete sense!

I was a little leary at first, thinking that it may be a pyramid scheme of sorts, but after seeing the presentation I am reassured that joining Silver Mania, is the way to go!

I was able to go to Silver Mania's Website and read up on all of what they have to offer. I discovered some great links to some videos.

I have read some of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and was completely swept off of my feet by all of the financial knowlege and wisdom that I gained from the books. From the Silver Mania website I linked to a video that Robert Kiyosaki's (the Author of the Rich Dad series) gold and silver investor, Maloney created.

I suggest that you look into it, you have nothing to loose, and a lot to gain. This is going to be life changing!

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