Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy, Busy... too busy to add a third busy...

So being a HUGE socialite, working full-time, and being a Mom, as well as sooo many other things- I have been ridiculously busy - which I am sure is needless to say, but I am saying it anyway. Maybe my schedule needs to take a doesn't happen often that I have a free night available, and my schedule is booked out about two weeks - I know it sounds like my life is a business, right?!
My spirits are a little down at the moment, only because I miss my little girl. we have been on the go and doing stuff all summer that I feel as though I haven't had a moment to sit down, look her in her beautiful eyes and tell her how I love her oh so much. It has been fast paced and I just want to have some much needed quality time with my Baby Girl! So I have decided that Madi is my Priority from now on, she will be my nightly event and I am going to put her name in everyday on my calendar! I feel like I have been a neglectful Mom, not necessarily a bad Mom, but I haven't been being the Mom that I really Want to be... A Mom who pays attention to ALL of the small things, a Mom who is there at any needed moment, a Mom who has time to adore all of the precious moments of her fast paced life... I love her, and she is already 16 months, I don't want to miss any of this time that I have with her!

Being a Mom is my TOP priority.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry so much. Its nice that you noticed this as a problem for your self. Madi knows your there and she will always know. Your doing so great. love you xoxo