Friday, September 25, 2009

Dancing in the rain

As life would have it no other way - we have to face trials every now and again... Sometimes things are seeming to go great and then unexpectedly a huge storm rolls in, and you are unprepared with no umbrella in hand.

I must live in Seattle or something because the storms come often it seems, sometimes they are only small, sprinkles here and there, but sometimes they seem never ending like huge storms that seem to take forever to pass, and pound on my soul. At that point I am just waiting for the sun to return again.

Then I feel as though I am lacking and that I need some sunshine in my life... but then something always seems to remind me of all those things that bring light into my life. My Daughter, who is the sun itself to my life, she is amazing... as well as so many other things that I have been blessed with: God, My Mom, Adam, My fabulous church that is filled with people who love me, friends, good times, great places, and fun things... I can go on and on... I am going to try to remind myself that I am allowed to dance in the rain, and sometimes that is the funnest way to dance, is through the storm.

Keeping my head up, my face toward the sky, and letting the rain fall down on my face, it is refreshing... renewing... and I am learning through it all.

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