Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life is full of Surprises

Living in the moment means
letting go of the past and not waiting for the future.
It means living your life consciously,
aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.

- Oprah Winfrey

Sometimes my mind is blown by the complexity of life... the things we take for granted... and the spontaneity of situations and outcomes... Lately my heart has been touched by so many stories, and my eyes have been opened by my own circumstances. It is so awesome growing older and having new epiphanies and realizations - growing wisdom.

I happened to come across a Caring bridge site written by the parents of Kaitlyn Johanson. At 16 years of age, in August of 2007, she was in a severe car accident in Rochester MN. She was rushed to Mayo clinic. She sustained numerous injuries, the biggest triumph they have had to face was the traumatic brain injuries that were incurred. Kasey and Brian, Kaitlyn's parents, lives were shaken and drastically changed by this tragedy, as was Kaitlyn's. There lives have been forever changed. As a parent I can only imagine all that they have been through... Their courage and strength throughout it all have amazed and shocked me! I am such an empathetic person so when I come across stories such as these it is like it becomes my own story - I become affected by it, and something changes inside of me. It has been weighing on my heart and I have been praying for them. Sometimes I wonder if God brings these stories into my life to teach me a lesson. I take so many things for granted... The ability to walk, to talk, communicate in a socially acceptable fashion, the fact the my brain and my mind function at a normal rate, my eyesight, my ability to live life easily without having to worry about my disabilities hindering my way of life. Poor Kaitlyn had to start all over, she had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat... Two years later she is still in the process of recovery and has to face simple issues day in and day out. Her recovery process will be in effect for years to come, and she will probably never be the person that she was prior to her accident.

Nothing is ever predictable! Sometimes I am fearful of what the future holds, but then I realize that it is out of my hands and I shouldn't worry! No matter what things will always work out in the end, it is sort of a motto that I have created for the hard times that I have faced over the years, and will continue to face down the road. We need to live for today, we never know what tomorrow will bring. We need to appreciate every moment, and not let the small things steal our joy and happiness. Life is so short to be angry all the time, or to hold a grudge.

To end on a lighter note, I love the quote from Kung Fu Panda (I know this is not where it originated, but every time I hear it I think of Master Oogway, and he makes me smile :)

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present

~Master Oogway


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