Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas

I am not sure why but as every year passes I seem to love Christmas so much more. Maybe it is because as I get older I appreciate things more, or maybe it is because I am a Mom now...

It is such a great time of year where I can feel the love all around me, and I cannot get enough of it. The month of December has already flown by and I have yet to send out my Christmas cards (hopefully it will be done in the early part of this week).

I just want to wish everyone a beautiful and Merry Christmas. If this is a hard time of year for you I am sorry, but just remember you are not alone, This is in fact the celebration of Christ's birthday - he came to be with us!!

Have fun eating cookies, decorating your tree, spending quality time with your family and friends, sipping hot cocoa, singing carols, and giving thanks to God - there is no better time than now.

If I didn't send you a card and you would like one just send your address my way.

Love you all!

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