Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Pieces are Secret

is that bad, that some of me is not shown?

I am not revealing my whole...

Sometimes I feel pulled down by the weight of it's hold.

On occasion my life feels like it is not my own.

I walk on, with that "Rebecca smile" on my face,

part of me is ashamed, and part of me is at peace.

I can finally see some of my inner beauty, it is amazing.

Am I just striving for perfection?

Because It brings me exhilaration, joy, happiness and warmth.

I feel closer to God, deep inside my soul.

Yet I feel a part of my soul, anxious and concerned.

Or is it this female side, that is taking control.

Emotions consume me, they eat me whole.

I need to escape the pressures, from myself, and from this God wretched word.

I am going to step aside,

stop looking for the answers elsewhere.

I am going to pray, draw near,

and see where I am guided.

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