Monday, February 15, 2010


In my weakness, I look for your Strength.

It is you who brings me peace.

I am tired and I cannot do this without you.

Time has consumed me.

Eaten me from the inside out.

I am sorry again. I am lost. I need you.

Help me find my way again.

You bring me energy.

Sometimes I forget to turn to you.

And when I remember, I am again humbled

when I embrace your amazing Grace.

Your Love. Your astonishing acceptance.

Oneness with myself. Oneness with You, God.

As I draw near I can feel you. Your love consumes me.

It feels replenishing. I feel refreshed again.

As my tears fall, I am reminded.

How I have missed my creator.

As I draw near again. My Heart rejoices.

I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. So Alive.

My soul dances, and my arms reach to feel your presence.

As I worship, I can feel you deep inside my soul.

I am consumed.

I feel so near, to my origin.

Your presence is ecstasy, words bring it no justice.

I know it is You God, You are the ONE.

The only ONE that I need. You satisfy My every want, my every need.

Again I find myself crying out.

'Here I am, Here is my life. I am Yours'

In my weakness, I draw near To You.

You bring me Peace. I am again so thankful.

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Rebekah said...

You are so beautiful, Rebecca... I read your post in tears...