Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am a little irritated

So, I heard from the grape vine... That I "Bashed" Dan's parenting skills and posted our "Financial statement" on my blog. It just really frustrates me that in a sensitive and vulnerable time like this people have to spread rumors like these. I immeciately decided to re-read my blog to see if I was in the wrong. The only things that I have posted on my blog, from what I read, were truths, and they are my perspective of my life. It sounds like something that was not truthful (ie A LIE!) got back to him!! It sounds like there is a little bit of gossip going on. And wether or not someone thinks that they are being helpful in this situation, I think that more than anything they are being harmful, and not even to me, but to Dan! Dan was devastated when someone told him that I bashed him as a father (which I had to tell him was totally hear say by the way, he hasn't even read the blog himself). In no way shape or form would I ever say that Dan is a bad father! Actually I think that he is a wonderful father! When I was in the hospital he really proved that! He stepped up to the plate and became an amazing doting father, in the midst of all of our struggles at the time via health issues and marital issues. I know that he loves Madilynn with all of his heart and would never mean to cause her harm.

As for the "Financial Statement" comment... Dan is a private person and he has pretty much told everyone that I know how much our mortgage is. If that is being too informative and people are offended by this, please don't read my blog, or atleast have the courage, if you feel the need to say something, confront me about this situation instead of gossiping.

I am by no means saying that I am perfect! Maybe I could have worded some things differently, and if that is the case, I appologize. My goal is to Keep a wonderful relationship with Dan, no matter what the outcome. I never would wish to slander his name... and why would I do that? It would be insulting to me, in fact He is the father to our child, and for what it is worth, he still means a lot to me, and I do love and care for him and his well being.

For those of you who do not know the full extent of our situation, I want you to know that this is not our first separation. I have attempted in the previous separation(s) to address our issues but the attempt was not reciprocated. There were things that needed to change that have not changed. I feel as though those things would be innappropriate to discuss on my blog, for the same reasons that I have discussed before. My goal is to keep a healthy relationship with Dan, for the sake of all of us, Our families, and our daughter included!

So please, don't go and gossip to Dan, It only hurts him, Me, and Madi. He is more than welcome to read my blog. I am keeping none of this a secret from him, I am trying more than ever to live my life transparrently, by being honest with myself and others.


LovelyLee said...

I love you. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy (That includes marriages). Keep with the faith. Persecution and trials only come to make you stronger. You will triumph in victory when it's all said and done.

Marie's Juxtopositition said...

i read through the blog, and yeah...i didn't see in any way shape or form that you were "bashing" him. *sigh* it happens. i love you.

Diane said...

Your heart is rare and unfamiliar to the majority of people. So was Jesus' and people didn't respect or honor Him either. All that happens to you now is an opportunity for you and others to see who you really are. Bless you! You will never be sorry for choosing a heart like His.
Thank you for adding to your blog.