Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Preventing Divorce

It should be harder to get married and easier to get a divorce, but in all reality it is vice versa. As Dan and I stood in line in Las Vegas, waiting for our marriage license, we met a couple from Australia who were getting married for the fun of it, 'We are in Vegas... why not??'. Dan and I chuckled, but in all reality marriage is not something to take lightly. I know that now... Too little, too late.

So please, before you commit, take the steps neccessary to prevent a divorce from happening down the road. There are so many resources here is one of them. Premarital counseling is a must and should be mandated. it sure would save a lot of people from a lot of hardship.

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Amanda Stombaugh said...

The movie FIREPROOF should also be seen by everyone in a relationship - whether it be dating, engagement, or marriage: